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dinosaursaresocool asked:

Hanna bursts through the door of the Medic's office, out of breath but he doesn't have time to slow down. "M-Mister Aldous, please help!" He runs to the man and pulls on his arm to get him to follow. "It's Alexei, h-he's at the greenhouse and he's on the ground an-and he's not waking up. His heart feels strange. P-Please help, hurry!"



Aldous had jumped upon hearing the door bang open. The documents that were in his hand fell, scattering to the four corners of the medbay, or so it seemed. Instantly his heart had surged up into his throat.

Inhaling, he looked down and saw the boy. Hanna? The child, yes. He knew who this was. He could read the panic in his eyes, and in his voice.

"Alexei—-?" His heart, the one currently lodged in his throat, plummeted down into the pit of his stomach. "Take me to him, NOW!"

Screw the documents. He was grabbing some tools and medical utensils, and he was shoving them in a bag.

He was where he was left, still, unconscious, breath shallow, heartbeat erratic. He is so pale.

It’s surreal to see him this way, here, surrounded by warm, green life. Everything in this greenhouse is healthy and cared for- not just the plants, but every human being who ever set foot in here was always as well tended by the steadfast gardener as the blossoms and leaves.

Perhaps he spent so much effort caring for and protecting other living things that he neglected the toll it took on himself.

All Is Well


Jayce was back. Jayce was strong and terrifying. He also loved the boys. They were safe.

Hanna was back. He was worse for wear but he had many looking after him. So many who loved him. It was good. Love was good. He thought he’d heard rumblings of someone killing William. He was gone for now. Hanna was safe.


He hadn’t gone with him. Hadn’t protected him. Hadn’t found him. It was the second time that the boy had nearly died on his watch. How many more times would he fail to prevent this sort of thing, and which time would be the last time he’d see Hanna alive?


The pain was twice as intense as last time. He didn’t have any more of Pearl’s medicine. He didn’t want any more anyway, not when he saw what making it did to her.

Alexsander must hate him for that.


It was like flipping a switch. He gasped once, made a choked sound, and fell to the ground with a great thud. There is a shatter of terra cotta as he catches an empty flowerpot on the way down and it hits the ground as soon as he does.

At least, he thinks, this didn’t happen while Hanna was still missing, and while the children were in danger. That would have been awful.

And then he doesn’t think anything, everything swallowed by black.


Hey everyone!!

I stopped playing TF2 a while ago and realized I have a bunch of hats/items sitting around, so why not give them away? There are items for every character, and some are probably more valuable than others but whatever, free stuff, right?


all class:

  • tour of duty ticket
  • haunted quoth
  • towering titanium pillar of hats
  • merc’s muffler (austrailium gold)
  • one refined metal


  • strange flying guillotine
  • backwards ball-cap
  • haunted terrier trousers
  • random regular scout weapon


  • strange sniper rifle (silver botkiller, mk. II)
  • strange kukri
  • genuine anger
  • birdman of austrailiacatraz
  • wet works (crafted)
  • koala compact
  • outback intellectual
  • random regular sniper weapon


  • killer’s kabuto & half-zatoichi (purple)
  • liberty launcher/reserve shooter/market gardener
  • black box/battalion’s backup
  • helmet without a home & beggar’s bazooka
  • brawling buccaneer


  • persian persuader/ali baba’s wee booties
  • scottish resistance/sticky jumper
  • scottish handshake/ullapool caber/eyelander/claidheamh mor


  • strange crusader’s crossbow/amputator
  • festive crusader’s crossbow/amputator
  • overdose/quick-fix/solemn vow
  • blighted beak (drably olive)
  • platinum pickelhaube (value of teamwork)


  • tough guy’s toque/holiday punch
  • outdoorsman (crafted)
  • soviet stitch-up
  • bunsen brave
  • 3 random heavy weapons


  • rainblower/lollichop
  • strange fire axe
  • strange neon annihilator
  • pyromancer’s mask (mann co. orange)
  • metal slug


  • diamondback/l’etranger/enforcer
  • big-earner/eternal reward/spy-cicle
  • harmburg/frenchman’s beret (crafted)
  • cut-throat concierge/hat of cards (concierge is crafted)


  • beep boy
  • barnstormer
  • everyone’s favorite short-circuit

BONUS! I looked up lists of the worst tf2 weapons and i have some so here they are as a “”“”bonus”“” prize!

phlogistinator/brass beast/sun-on-a-stick/eviction notice/gunboats


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  4. you have to actually play tf2
  5. check out my inventory to see that it’s legit (for you skeptics)
  6. i’ll be using rng to pick the winners
  7. 5 winners!!
  8. First place: 3 sets of your choice
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  10. Third Place: 2 sets of your choice
  11. Fourth Place: Remaining sets
  12. Fifth Place: "Bonus Prize"
  13. THIS ENDS ON MAY 5TH 2014 11:59 PM CST
  14. THIS ENDS ON MAY 5TH 2014 11:59 PM CST
  15. THIS ENDS ON MAY 5TH 2014 11:59 PM CST

good luck, have fun!!

booletsandblossoms asked:

He moves quietly. He sits beside him quietly. For a long time he is silent. The tears come all by themselves. He doesn't want to make a lot of noise, he just wants to let his friend rest, and yet, while his flesh hand gently envelops Hanna's, his metal one covers his own face, the Heavy gently weeping. He knew it was going to be bad, and yet his heart still broke.




Hanna wakes to find the Heavy sitting next to him, his little hand so fragile in comparison to Alexei’s. He wriggles his fingers gently to offer some comfort.

"…hey. Don’t cry. ‘t’s… It’s okay." Whether or not Hanna believes that is not discussed.

"Are avake…? Am sorry… did not meant to vake you. Should rest. Me and Pearl brought medicine for you. Herbs. Aloe from greenhouse."

He smiles, a little, wavery thing, brushing lightly at his eyes.

"…did vhat you asked me. Leetle vuns are just fine… vanted to come find you so many times. But asked me to do someting. Did not vant to let down…"

Hanna lightly waves his left hand dismissively. “…been waking up a lot anyway. Dun worry ‘bout it.”

He gives Alexei a small smile. “Th-Thanks, Alexei. Yo— You’re amazing. …Could never let me down, y’know.” 

His eyes close for a moment. It’s almost like he’s fallen asleep right then and there, but it’s more for some time to take a breath.
"H…How’re you?"

He laughs, once. A sad little ‘heh.’

"Dat is just like you to ask me, even now. I am… I am fine, my friend. Am good."

Perhaps it was a little white lie? But what good would it do to tell Hanna, in this condition, of the chest pains he’d been having? Besides, he’d taken Pearl’s medicine… that made everything fine for the time being, right? Right.

He does smile a little. He’d done good. Hanna had given him a task to do and he’d done it well.

"Are home now, dear Hanna. Vill be better in time. Vill all help to make dis so."

He gently lets go of the boy’s hand, reaching up to the back of his own head. Carefully, he undoes the knot on his bandanna, slipping it off his head, revealing not baldness, but a head of short brown hair- usually shaved as matter of preference, but not tended to in some time for lack of priority.

Very carefully, he ties it around his friend’s shorn head loosely, to keep him a little warmer.

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