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booletsandblossoms asked:

Please, my friend. If are going, do not go without me. Vant to help. Need to. Am ready. Vhenever are going, am ready. Have supplies. Please. Just vant to get my... OUR... leetle vun back. *It's true- he's locked, stocked, and ready. His big gun, loaded with special ammo. A satchel with first aid supplies, Holy water, sage. One of the magic candles in a lantern. Even little Amour, looking as determined as a rat can look.*


Whoa there, cowboy! If I can help it, we may not have to go anywhere. I kinda want to see if we can get him to come to us.

Den vill back you up if I can. Do not vant eider of you lost.

*His brow furrows.*

Have faith in you, dear friend. Vant to do anyting I can. Just tell me vhat are needing from me.

Three bottles of holy water, four counting his pendant.

Four bunches of dried white sage.

One lighter.

One lantern, containing one evil-repelling magical candle.

One giant tommy gun, loaded with bullets marinated in a broth of sage and holy water.

And one rat.

He hopes it will be enough. But it’s all he has, so it’ll have to do.

He is ready as he’ll ever be. When the time comes, he’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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