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Anonymous asked:

Goodness. That hair has become very long! Almost did not recognize you there!

Is not very long… *he ruffles a hand through his hair- it’s maybe an inch, inch and a half long, and dark brown.*



*All of the big brother hugs, yes. And kisses. The Heavy is just as happy to see his tiny brother as the boy is to see him. His heart is beating in his chest just as strong as ever.*

Tanks to you, da. Do not know vhat vood have done if had not found me, got help. My leetle hero.


He doesn’t let go. Nope, you’re gonna stay in this hug for a while, Mister.]

I’m not a hero. Mister Aldous is the one who helped you. I just… kinda stood there.

[and cried. A minor detail.]

What happened?

*And that is just fine by Alexei. He won’t even try to let go until Hanna does.*

"Da, he did help me. Heart vas hurt, sick. He fixed it. But how vood have known to help me, if tiny brother had not told him?"

*He smiles warmly, giving the boy a fond nuzzle.*

"Am so sorry vas avay so long. Doktor vanted me to rest, so heart could get strong again. But vish could have come back sooner. Do not like being avay from loved vuns."





*looks at the sad state of his greenhouse* *sighs* *has a lot of work to do*

…my rats had a lot of friends over at one point so i’m sorry for all the rat poopies that’s gotta be around.

Is alright, leetle Ves. Vood be mess anyvay. Have been on sick leave, place has become overgrown, some tings have wilted and died. Need to do lot of replanting tings.

i’ll help you if you like - Jay and GW can pull up weeds from most things and churn up dirt like moles.

Is good- can use all help can getting. Might have anoder person helping too. Old friend, might stay here for vhile. Is good man. Australian.

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